LINGO- digital actions for real time reward. That’s LINGO way.

Nothing in the world can stop an idea whose time has come! there’s a method that gives you real time reward even in real estate, for taking digital actions. Lingo is building the gamified, RWA-powered rewards ecosystem for the next billion in Web3. The main goal is to reward the community with real-world benefits consistently and exponentially, powered by real-world assets that generate true value for the ecosystem.


Our goal is to merge the best of community-driven Web3 models with the sustainability of RWA to offer awesome benefits that genuinely enhance daily life of our community, consistently.

The dream is pretty similar to what cryptocurrency does generally but the difference is, LINGO is building something very durable and sustainable. taking the market from the hands of few individuals and concentrating on the community building to benefit the masses, makes a lot sense to H.M. Rawat and David Amsellem. For them A real community is built on sustainability, durability, value and community benefit.

Lingo is an entirely new model of generating tangible community rewards supported by Real World Assets. fees are reinvested to generate consistent value and promote community development

Holders earn $LINGO tokens and can redeem for real time assets by staking and generating value on the LINGO platform, reward market is user-friendly and community is empowered to decide on future reward partnerships and value-driven initiatives

Users can redeem their rewards on dedicated dAPP platform including gamified mechanisms, such as daily tasks, seasons, mystery boxes, and much more. Rewards include 3000+ brands within Fizen app, and thousands of integrated hotels.

Main Benefits of the Lingo Solution

  • Enhanced Reward Yield through Partnerships: Leverages partnerships for bulk orders, leading to higher reward value.
  • Unseen crypto risk:reward: Lingo remains “crypto relevant” by having a token that is exposed to exponential growth (and risk) while offering a relatively stable rewards mechanism that doesn’t fluctuate with the token price. Allowing the best of both worlds.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be accessible and intuitive for users, including those outside the Web3 space.
  • Exponential model: While most token economies are vicious (tend to go down after launch), Lingo created a Virtuous model where the more the community grows over time, the more RWA fuel the rewards ecosystem, the more rewards gets distributed, and rinse and repeat. (let’s add the organic growth loop image here in big).


About $LINGO Token

The $LINGO token will be deployed on the Solana, and Base blockchains. Primary the utility token and could be used later a governance token for voting and also for rewarding members with real time reward

Ongoing Lingo Islands airdrop campaign


Community Sale (more details will be revealed soon)

Initial Exchange Offering (more details will be revealed soon)

Even before the official launch, Lingo is dedicated to rewarding its community with real-world experiences. Check out community giveaways and Dubai trip announcements HERE

Official Links



Airdrop Campaign




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Time needed: 10 minutes

How to join $LINGO Island airdrop

  1. visit

  2. Read how to play after that click on ape rock

  3. Connect X and follow designated account

  4. Connect email and claim Boarding pass

  5. You’re in…. Read how to play to continue climbing leaderboard and GETTING better results

    head to twitter and make your first post with the ticker $LINGO

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